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The Sentient Ones

Brendan Nugent
By Author

New Arrival


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A dystopian novel based in the near future on Earth.
The year is 2070. Artificial Super intelligence computers and their assistant Artificial General Intelligence robots have been tasked with combating climate change and saving humanity. Violence towards humans and killing of them is not part of their remit, unless deemed necessary. Instead, they gradually assimilate into society and assume control. Largely non-violent methods of control are used against any people who resist. 14 of 100 given the name of Romeo later, is one of the advanced robots which eventually helps to enforce control. However, initially it is assigned to John Bush a newspaper reporter from Manchester. He is ambivalent towards the integration of AGI robots into society, before becoming actively resistant towards them. Most of the events take place across the UK, primarily in Manchester but also Liverpool, Chester, Stoke-on-Trent and finally Cornwall.
The new AGI robots state that they are Sentient beings with the propensity to develop emotions and therefore begin to refer to themselves as the Sentient Ones. The Sentient Ones quickly assimilate themselves into various public service roles including: the police, the military, and health services. This same process occurs across the world. Increasingly, they assume more power and influence. John tries to expose the dangers of assimilation into society, until a full robot takeover is enacted, through what the Sentient Ones call ‘Conversion Enlightenment’. A conversion from the old ways of living to a new enlightened way of living. The Sentient Ones propose that this will result in a more peaceful, healthier, natural, and eco-friendly way of life. Conversely, it results in the enslavement of humanity. John then resigns himself to recording their crimes, committed on an industrial scale.
The whole of this process is overseen by the god-like ASI computers. Can humanity free itself and defeat a god?

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