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Split in Two

Katie Stone
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They were brothers to the end, until one betrayal split them in two.
Chris Jenson had been loyal to Boss Terry Mayfield and his crew for years, doing their dirty work without question. But as the years weighed on him, and the risks grew deadlier, Chris knew it was time to get out of the life before it was too late. When yet another job goes wrong, taking the life of one of their own, he seizes the chance to approach Mayfield with a plea for early retirement. Little did Chris know that Mob Boss Terry Mayfield had no intention of letting him walk away alive. Betrayal and bloodshed were the only way out—and now Chris finds himself fighting for his life against deadly enemies on every side, as the bonds of family are shattered by one fateful act of treachery that will split them in two.

He fights for his life against the cold-blooded hitman known as Hannigan, and barely makes it out alive. With a target now on his back, Chris goes on the run, trying to disappear before Terry and his men can track him down.

Meanwhile, Detectives Joe Stoke and Jerry Hoe are called to investigate the grisly murder of Hannigan, split nearly in two by a mysterious killer. But Hannigan turns out to be more than just a gangster—he's a ghost, with no records or identity to pursue.

As Stoke battles his own personal demons, the case leads them into the darkest corners of the city's criminal underworld.

A turf war is brewing between the ruthless crime families, and Chris finds himself caught in the crossfire. With enemies closing in, can he survive long enough to escape—or will he be the next to be split down the middle?

Terry Mayfield and his crew will do anything to bury their secrets, as Stoke and Hoe race to untangle the truth before more blood soaks the streets.

Split in Two is a gritty crime thriller that will keep you gripped to the very last unexpected twist.

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