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No Job For a Woman

Sherry Gloag
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A clean Regency second chance romance - No Job For A Woman is a Regency suspenseful story featuring a bold and unconventional woman, a marriage-wary war hero and a really horrific villain.

Debra has no idea that her life will change forever when she assumes responsibility for her late husband’s estate. The first indication is when her brother Lord Worth calls upon his life-long friend Julian to protect her from her nearest neighbours’ aggression. The second is when she realises her heart has never forgotten her first love.

Julian is still struggling to adjust to his future after suffering life-threatening injuries at the battle of Waterloo eighteen month ago when his friend asks him to help protect his sister Debra, who is the only woman he’s ever loved.

Will Debra accept his help and will he survive long enough to declare his love for her?

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