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Yo Ho Ho Ho!

Darren Bane
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Christmas! Cut-throats! Cribbage??!!?? Christmas is coming, but the season of goodwill has bypassed pub landlord Ted Edwards. A critical review in a best-selling travel book adds insult to infamy and threatens to be the final nail in the coffin for Ted's troubled alehouse, where the regular cribbage league context is the social highlight of every week. A prophetic premonition leaves Ted with a stark choice: call 'last orders' for the very final time or mind his miserly ways, embrace his hostelry's history, make peace with his family's pirate past, re-capture his Christmas spirit and save his beloved bar, prompting a pub 'treasure hunt' like no other... Yo Ho Ho Ho! is final part of The Jolly Roger trilogy, three stand-alone stories concerning a fictional pub and its clientele. The first book in the trilogy is The Big One and the second is Uncle Prawn.

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