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Wolf Under The Mistletoe

Melanie Frost
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He's a bodyguard married to his job. She's a self-made woman with a target on her back. But when the mate bond joins them, will he protect his mark, or his heart?

Wolf shifter Steven Cocks has dedicated his life to protecting the vulnerable. So when his best friend's future sister in law is threatened, he doesn't hesitate to cut his Christmas break short. And when he discovers the innocent woman is his fated mate, he's determined to defend any cost.
The pull of the mate bond is growing stronger, but last time he dropped his guard, more than his heart was broken

Suzie Miller has never needed a man's protection, and she doesn't plan on starting now. But when the handsome bodyguard comes to her rescue, she's having trouble remembering why. With someone out for her blood, shouldn't she have bigger concerns than a crush?
Steven makes her feel safe, but is he too good to be true?

Can these two fated mates take a chance on love to find their happily ever after?

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