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Wicked Tongue

Darren Bane
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'A wicked tongue is worse than any fiend' (Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Manciple's Tale, 1395) Tongues are wagging in a sleepy English seaside town after a well-respected couple die within weeks of each other. Businessman Sam Shepton killed himself. At his inquest, his heartbroken son blamed his mother, Amanda, branding her a 'black widow'. A few days later, he discovers her body. The talking begins, accusations are made, secret lives are revealed. Was Amanda killed because of her husband's death? Was her murder a 'personal' crime or the start of a serial killer spree? Everyone's words have consequences and it's clear that careless talk really CAN cost lives! Author Vicki Fitzgerald (Briguella, Kill List) described this book as "Wickedly warped, sensational. A chilling, compulsive, character-driven thriller with a killer twist".

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