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Under Italian Stars

Barry Lillie
By Author

New Arrival


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Rachel discovers that her husband was keeping a secret before his death. Meanwhile, in Naples, Giacomo is telling his nephew, Aldo a secret

When Rachel’s Husband dies, she is shocked to discover he owns a hotel in Italy. She travels to Abruzzo and her life is turned upside down. Starting afresh in a new country Rachel puts her grief aside to forge new friendships and build on her late husband’s legacy. However, Aldo is determined to deceive her.

Can Luca help make her Italian dream come true?

Does the woman in the photograph hold the answer to the mystery in the stars?

Will Rachel find love the second time around?

To find the answers, visit this hotel by the sea and lose yourself in the majestic beauty of Abruzzo where a legendary diamond lights up the heavens and, an emerald holds the answer to a love long forgotten.

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