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The Syndicate and The Jackal..

Joanne Swain
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The Syndicate is causing total mayhem amongst the rest of society. The new police chief is trying to come up with a plan to get them stopped knowing this is only just beginning for him. He needs assistance, fast. Jacqueline, known by most as The Jackal, is a PI most extraordinary. Her girlfriend is on the inside of the branch of the local branch of the Syndicate which concerns Jac to max. Her girlfriend comes to see her not in a good state, bleeding heavily and the ambulance takes her off to be checked over rather quickly. That ambulance though is targeted and is blown up.. how will Jac survive now? This has just become personal!

Something is 'off' not quite adding up and Jac wonders if Seltzer, her girlfriend has managed to escape the ambulance incident.. there is a lot tracking to do to get the Syndicate caught up and stopped in their tracks.. alongside her PI Agency with her clients that need their little mysteries solved amongst all of this big time crime too.. things are getting busy for The Jackal..

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