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The Coach Trip

Morag Clarke
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Gilly was more than happy to accompany her sister Angie, on a coach trip to the Loire valley. Angie was going through a humiliating divorce and Gilly was going to offer her some moral support. She didn’t always get on with her sister, but was sure she could put up with her for a week. She wanted a break from her domineering husband and thought that the change of scene would do them all good.
Carl Goodman was hoping to make some easy money smuggling goods back from France, and the easiest way to do that was on a pensioners coach trip. It meant taking his Gran with him, but that was a small price to pay.
Dave Saunders is the coach driver in charge, and the man who makes Gilly feel like a lovesick teenager, despite being nearer to fifty than her teens.
The week away leads to some hilarious misunderstandings and some life changing decisions for all of them.

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