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The Chair

Heather Walker
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When Tom moves into his flat, he takes with him the easy chair that once belonged to his grandfather, Henry. Little does Tom know the secrets it holds until the dreams begin, throwing Tom back into Henry’s past to a granddad he doesn’t recognise and a tale of two sons, a fatal accident and a family secret only Tom can unravel. But Henry is fighting back through the only means he has–the chair.

Tom’s father refuses to discuss the past, and he can hardly ask his cousin, Kyle. Yet Tom feels he must solve the dark secret and try to heal the family rift, but it could well tear his family apart. Meanwhile, Tom finds himself drawn to the ethereal Viola, his cousin’s girlfriend, who offers advice. Could Tom have started something he can’t finish in more ways than one? Danger inches closer the nearer Tom comes to the truth.

A supernatural story set in the present and one man’s actions in the past to keep the truth from his family.

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