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Telling Lies

T.A. Rosewood
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Kate believes she’s found true love when she meets the irresistibly charming Dan on her 21st birthday. But when he suddenly vanishes without explanation, her rosy world is shattered. She’s left picking up the pieces of their relationship, haunted by unanswered questions.

Then, a shocking letter arrives that begins to unravel Dan's web of lies. As Kate digs deeper into her lover's secrets, her view of the past begins to shift. There are mysteries in her own life as well, hidden truths she never could have guessed.

With her future hanging in the balance, Kate must untangle the knots of mystery and deceit to uncover who Dan really was. Every new revelation seems to spawn more questions without answers. Soon, Kate is left wondering if she can even trust her own memories.

She realises she knows far less about love and trust than she ever imagined.

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