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Second Choices

June Wright
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Uncover the emotional journey of one woman's search for love, acceptance, and the place where she truly belongs.

Elise's life has been marked by a relentless pursuit of belonging. An adoptee who always felt like a second choice, she believed she had finally found her place when she fell in love with and married Evan. Little did she know that Evan carried his own powerful demons, ones that would nearly destroy her when she summoned the courage to confront them. The tragic aftermath left her overwhelmed by guilt and haunted by the past.

Years later, a second chance may be Elise's path to happiness and a true sense of belonging. In a world filled with critical voices and daunting fears, she must make a life-altering choice: to embrace happiness or risk perpetuating the patterns that have haunted her for too long.

Second Choices is a gripping narrative inspired by true events, offering a poignant, heartfelt, and hopeful account of Elise's relentless quest for belonging and a place to call home. This story touches on themes of adoption, miscarriage, verbal abuse, control, eating disorders, and the specter of suicide. Yet, at its core, it's a story of love, hope, and the unyielding human spirit's search for its rightful place in the world.

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