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Revenge and Consequences

Peter D Grant
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The story of a young woman who refuses to be hurt without seeking retribution and a man’s battle to beat his demons.

Starting when Karen is twelve years old and sees her parents and little brother killed in a car crash she determines to never allow anyone to hurt her without seeking and getting retribution. Except from the man she blames for the car crash, her mysterious Man in White, who for many years remains her Nemesis.

Externally a normal happy young woman but deep within is a sliver of ice and a Dark Karen who only emerges when she is hurt or harmed in any way. The story follows Karen from Edinburgh Scotland to Perth Australia via Hong Kong and back to Scotland. It is there where an unexpected sighting leads her to the Edinburgh High Court and a murder trial.

After a traumatic incident as a young soldier and seeing his best friend blown up in Northern Ireland Frank suffers a breakdown. With the Love and support of his wife he recovers and goes on to create a successful business. Suddenly his world crashes down and he ends up in prison serving a life sentence for murder.

A sudden and unexpected revelation forces Karen to realise she must face the consequences of her actions.

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