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David Hogarth
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Why would a pickpocket shoot at cops to protect an enigmatic trinket?

Detective Crystal (Cassy) Attwell-Summers is trying to forget the intrigue and slaughter of last year when she let herself be manipulated by Judy Easter. She’s transferred from Cy-Tech International to Chicago Homicide, to try and make some kind of difference but unreported thefts and a meaningless homicide mean intrigue has found her again.

The Captain is breathing down her neck and he’s not telling her everything. It’s beginning to feel familiar and Cassy is determined to get to the bottom of things before the bodies start piling up at her door.

The threads are out there, waiting for her to pull them together. Cassy just needs to figure out who she can trust to help her and how hard she dare pull, especially since she’s not the only one pulling.

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