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Me and My Shadow - memoirs of a cancer survivor

John Walker Pattison
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Me and My Shadow – Memoirs of a Cancer Survivor is a brutally honest account of one teenager’s struggle to understand and deal with the most feared diagnosis known to society: cancer. It is now a triple award-winning book.

At age eighteen, John Walker Pattison was thrust onto a roller coaster ride of emotional turbulence - his innocence cruelly stripped from him and his fate woven into the tapestry of life. After years of failed chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments that ravaged his physical frame and almost destroyed his psychological stability, his parents were told that he would not survive. Yet today, he is one of the longest-surviving cancer patients in the UK, almost fifty years since his diagnosis.

Eight years after his unexpected recovery, Pattison faced the news all parents fear when his four-year-old daughter was diagnosed with terminal leukaemia. Yet like her father, she too would defy the odds and go on to become an international swimmer, representing Team GB in the World Swimming Championships.

Pattison turned his life full circle and became a senior cancer nurse specialist at the same hospital that made his diagnosis decades earlier. There, he prescribed chemotherapy and cared for individuals with the same cancers experienced by both him and his daughter.
Throughout his journey, Pattison found inspiration in the space rock legends, Hawkwind, and had the extraordinary opportunity to play on stage with his heroes at the Donnington Festival in 2007. More significantly, he found solace throughout his cancer journey in the history and spirituality of the Lakota Sioux Nation. In 2018, he spent time on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation with the indigenous people of South Dakota, the same people who, unknowingly, supported him through life's greatest challenge: cancer.

Today, Pattison is once again facing a new cancer diagnosis, but his resilient determination keeps him focused on delivering his message of inspiration through his book, Me and My Shadow – Memoirs of a Cancer Survivor.

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