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David Hogarth
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How can anyone cling to sanity, when their world is being stripped away, piece by piece?
Cassy Summers hasn’t long been stable after the unimaginable events of last year almost tipped her into oblivion. Doctor Sherise Chartier has proven untraceable and Dreamscape, the crutch on which Cassy’s life depends, is being corrupted in favour of corporate profit. Her dreams are no longer her own, and the world outside is slipping into an abyss. She must resolve the impossible choice of pursuing personal sanity while the world fails, or somehow prevent the technology she once depended on from destroying humanity, before she loses her mind.
Old nightmares and new fears compete to cripple her, as she struggles to face truths she cannot accept. Dreamscape is gone and D-Scape is not what everyone is being told it is. She’s crossing a line, and there’s no way back.

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