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In the Den of Wolves

Eden James
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A scrap of paper found in a pocket. The writing was clear and precise and consisted of nothing more than half a dozen figures. Only one man knows exactly what they mean, but when he is found murdered in a museum the quest to rediscover a car thought lost to history takes a sinister turn.

Dame Iris Harrington remembers the car from her youth. She had been a passenger in Belgium during the Second World War. The driver had been an undercover agent posing as a chauffeur for the Nazi regime. What secrets it could reveal. It would seem someone is keen to find out.

Delving into her own history, Harrington needs to enlist help to find out why someone would kill to find just another old car. As Gregor Hamilton and Natalia Bielawska begin to dig deeper into the mystery, it becomes apparent that the hunt for secrets doesn’t just end with the discovery they were looking for…

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