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Kai Alyx Sarus
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Independent. Divorced. Stuck. Aurora Beltrame's life is about to change without her permission. When the past brings both love and pain into her life in the form of her favourite rock band, how far will her ideality become her reality?

A chance meeting with Oliver, the lead singer of Morpheme, throws them together. Neither aware of the impact this will have on their lives. Their attraction to each other becomes all-consuming, but is there more to their relationship than either of them will admit? Is this work or pleasure? As Aurora is introduced to a world of rock band politics, money and egos, her own career rockets and soon it is her success that brings a shift in their relationship.

Then the buried, forgotten, ignored rise up to threaten Aurora's life. Harry, her best friend at college, only a trapped memory fighting to be free, but Aurora is too scared to face the reality to let go. And David, her ex-husband, who wants to reprise his role, making all the old promises, only for Aurora to stand strong against him. So, he resorts to Plan B.

Aurora has no choice but to deal with the past to save her future, but is it too late to save her relationship with Oliver? Has the ideality been severed?

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