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Hidden Citizens

Eden James
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The ballots are in. Scotland is free, but can it survive the next twelve months?
Fiona Macgregor has succeeded where her predecessor failed. With a narrow majority voting 'Yes' to Scottish Independence, the First Minister now has the challenging task of unravelling four hundred years of entwined legislation. Nevertheless, with Westminster in turmoil following the resignation of yet another Prime Minister, this is Scotland's moment in history.

Never before has a backbench Member of Parliament been elected to serve as First Lord of the Treasury, let alone one who has barely any Parliamentary experience. However, given the resignation of the Prime Minister following the result of Scotland's second Independence Referendum, Matthew Beckett, Britain's newest member of the House of Commons, finds himself uncontested as new leader of his Party and at the helm of government barely 18months after winning his local by-election. His greatest challenge lies just ahead.

In the middle of renovating a ruined croft for him and Natalia on the wild Wester Ross coast, Gregor Hamilton is hoping for a quieter life. Yet, as the first anniversary of Scottish Independence approaches, Hamilton finds himself dragged back into the intrigues of covert intelligence work. Only this time the stakes have never been higher.

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