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Quentin Cope
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'Billy was not a brutal man ... but he was capable of brutal things!' It all started with a WWII tunnel and a promise from a liar. However, for SS Engineer Major Karl Langer it would end in horror with the cruel mass murder of skeleton souls buried alive in the inky blackness of a tomb from hell.
EPIDEMIC is a fast moving political and psychological suspense thriller connecting the horror of secret Nazi projects in WWII with an unstoppable plague of super-rats. This then describes a modern world of corrupt affairs of state and threats of a near unstoppable epidemic disease. It lays bare the responsibilities of government and the fraudulent public school politics that can often define it. You will be locked into this particular thriller from the very first page!
It may have started with just a 'promise from a liar', but it would end in vengeful bear-pit politics and an unthinkable gamble with the lives of a nation!

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