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Claws of the Wildcat

Eden James
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Though his dealings with Iris Harrington have come to a natural conclusion, James Cameron is wary that the veteran spymistress won’t easily be put off by his reluctance to work for British intelligence. As Cameron has made at least one person disappear and is asked to investigate a cold case on a missing girl, perhaps it is time for him to follow suit. However, as Detective Chief Superintendent for the Inverness-shire Constabulary, he cannot simply fail to report to work one morning, so he must employ more subtle means to slip out from beneath Harrington’s claws.

With a wind of change blowing across the African continent, Harrington herself senses new threats to national security as Britain looks to divest itself of her former colonies. Yet, with her responsibility for Eastern Europe and the encroaching influences of the Soviet Union taking all her focus, she needs her own set of eyes and ears on the ground. Even if that brings her into a dangerous confrontation with her own bosses, the British establishment, and the full weight of Her Majesty’s Government.

Harry Turner is not your conventional spy. Never attending the vaunted Oxbridge institutions might put him at a disadvantage socially, but untainted by any whiff of socialist student sympathies is exactly what is needed after the shock of the Cambridge Five. Nevertheless, going deep undercover in Southern Rhodesia is not without extreme perils and Turner needs all his wits about him if he is to choose the right course of action for Queen and Country.

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