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Caleb and the Lake

Donna Lodge
By Author

New Arrival


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Meet Caleb the campervan on the first stage of his European tour as he parks up at a French campsite.

Caleb quickly makes friends with the beautiful and sophisticated Campervan, Clarissa, but is slightly more nervous of the loud and over- bearing Mitch the Motorhome, especially when Mitch makes fun of the two smaller vans and mocks the “vehicle shuffle.”

Friendships are formed and strengthened when Caleb and Clarissa, (with the help of the shuffle), come to the assistance of Mitch when he lands in the lake. The delightful, secret world of the vehicles is once again revealed to the reader.

If you love characters like Thomas the Tank Engine and Bluey, then you’re sure to enjoy Caleb and his friends as you travel with them through Europe!

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