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Caleb and the Ferry

Donna Lodge
By Author

New Arrival


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Meet Caleb, the spirited campervan, as he takes you on a delightful journey across Europe with his beloved companions, Momma and Pompsy.

Caleb faces an unexpected challenge when he finds himself alone on a ferry heading from England to France. Just when nerves set in, a friendly French lorry comes to his rescue, unveiling the enchanting secrets of what truly happens when the adults are away.

Amidst the sea breeze and echoing engine hums, Caleb discovers the magic of the "vehicle shuffle" and engages in playful antics with other vans, lorries, and cars. It's a clandestine world that adds an extra layer of excitement to Caleb's already adventurous spirit.

If you love characters like Thomas the Tank Engine and Bluey, then you’re sure to enjoy Caleb and his friends as you travel with them through Europe!

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