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Bound Arbiter

David Hogarth
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On the verge of destiny, at the threshold of disaster.
The sands of Koelim have separated the dwarf nations for nine-hundred years. Now, Layrwod, the ancient Forest of Life is reclaiming the Wasteland for its trees. As the barren rift closes, King Tukrik means to reclaim his birth right. Dwarf has never made war on dwarf but Garth is changing and the accords of old are making way for new uncertainties.
The mayr had always trusted their faith. Chester had always trusted his closest friend. Tiriyon and Darom had trusted that the worst was over. When the dark arbiter of prophecy walks abroad, all trust is fleeting.
The trees shadow the sand, the dead haunt the living and the dark arbiter threatens all. Only one certainty remains; he must be stopped.

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