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A Sardinian Misfortune

Elaine K Collier
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Looking forward to a couple of weeks relaxing in the Sardinian sun after a stressful year, it didn’t take Donna and Fiona long before they become suspicious of one of the hotel guests.

Watching him turn on the charm for several older ladies, the girls quickly realised what he was up to and took matters into their own hands. Posing as a vulnerable wealthy holidaymaker, would their new friend obtain the evidence they needed and what lengths would she have to go to?

With the help of the Italian and British police, the affair is brought to a dramatic climax one evening resulting in one of the girls being taken to hospital and requiring surgery. But had they done enough to stop this man from preying on others?

Donna and Fiona are a loveable pair who can’t help but get involved in shenanigans and adventure. Their close and long-standing friendship binds them together through thick and thin and in A Sardinian Misfortune we catch up with their day-to-day lives, their hopes and dreams, their fears and emotions.

A Sardinian Misfortune is book two in the humorous Innocents Abroad Crime Series.

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