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A Malaysian Misdemeanour

Elaine K Collier
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When Donna persuaded Fiona that a little spiritual culture in southeast Asia was just what they needed for their next holiday, she didn’t bargain for their involvement in a missing person's case.

Left alone with a 6-year-old boy after his parents and two diving instructors disappeared from a diving platform off the coast of Penang, the girls found themselves immersed in yet another mystery. Deciding the best option would be to take the child back to his family home in Singapore, it wasn't long before the pair found themselves caught up in family conflict and cybercrime. But had the parents staged their own disappearance, or had they been kidnapped?

When the bodies of the two instructors washed ashore, fears for the couple's safety grew. But with no evidence to go on, the police struggled to make any headway. Following Donna's intuition, the girls headed back to Penang, but an afternoon shopping trip threw up more than they bargained for. How would they get themselves out of their latest setback, and would it be too late?

Of course, Donna and Fiona wouldn’t be the loveable pair they are without a little adventure and mishap along the way. Their close and long-standing friendship binds them together through thick and thin, and in A Malaysian Misdemeanour we catch up with more of what's been happening in their lives at home since they returned from Sardinia.

A Malaysian Misdemeanour is book three in the Innocents Abroad Crime Series.

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