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A Cruising Misjudgement

Elaine K Collier
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When Fiona is invited to give a series of talks on a cruise ship, it seemed a golden opportunity for the girls to enjoy a trouble-free and relaxing holiday. But is it?

After a dinner companion dies just a few days into the trip, they begin to realise that all is not as it seems and have to wonder whether a crime has been committed.

As they delve deeper their fears are justified and they suspect it could be murder, but would they convince ship’s security of the need to investigate?

It’s not until a passenger goes overboard that the Security Officer starts to see it their way, but is it too late and will their suspect get to them first?

Of course, it wouldn’t be Donna and Fiona without a few mishaps along the way. An exploding catamaran, an embarrassing incident in a New York toilet, being stranded on a rum tasting trip all await the pair.

A Cruising Misjudgement is another humorous trip with Donna and Fiona as they sail their way across to New York and the Caribbean.

This is book four in the Innocents Abroad Crime Series.

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