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52 Weeks

Barry Lillie
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52 Weeks: An uplifting story of survival. When the twelve month life expectancy forecast comes as a bombshell, Beryl refuses to surrender to cancer’s ticking clock. She is determined to embrace each day and leave a record for those she’ll leave behind. Supported by her family and best pal Vera, known for her eccentric approach to life, Beryl lives life to its fullest, finding humour in the mundane and happiness in the simplest of situations. Everything, from a hen night to an out-of-date library ticket and a pregnant Bedlington terrier to being a life model, is a new adventure to be savoured. Yet it is befriending, Kate, who has the same prognosis, that becomes the most fulfilling. 52 Weeks is a heart warming tale filled with moments of humour and flashes of heartache as Beryl discovers how love and friendship can make the act of living the most important part of every day.

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