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Mathers (Book 3 - The Cure Series) By Jeremy P Horgan


In the third and final part of The Cure series the group find a recording which leads them to believe there is more to The Cure that they had originally been told. Nathaniel and Logan travel across country and come face to face with two ghosts from their past and discover a facility that has been hidden to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Tallulah is approached by a group of women being kept prisoner by the men running the facility who plan to overthrow the hierarchy. Little does she know that a familiar friend of the group is behind the movement.In their attempt to expose the facility to the rest of the world the group face their biggest challenge to date. However, with all of their lives on the line, everything must come to an end.


Available for PDF download or directly from Amazon here 


Author profile for - Jermey P Horgan 


Mathers (Book 3 - The Cure Series)

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