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At Meet the Authors we understand the struggles and difficulties of expressing the excitement of your book which simply gets lost sometimes within a brief synopsis.  Therefore we are enabling authors to promote their books themselves so that the audience can get to know the writer behind the words. This will be achieved with 15 Minute Author interviews.


Unlike some other interviews, we will not be going live to the world or letting you face a tirade of questions bombarding you and putting you on the spot.  We aim to have structured pre-recorded interviews which will be held with Lee Davies and Rob Jones. The focus will be on your book and its characters, content and a little about where it came from in a causal conversational setting. Think of it like a movie trailer or as if you were trying to sell the story/concept to friends.


Once payment is received we will contact you and request you complete a registration / consent form and to propose dates/times for the interview

Author Interview

£50.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
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