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This is the first book of five in the Micklegate series telling the tale of ordinary and well-known characters negotiating a potential disaster in Tudor York.

Whilst in the Tower, a rebel monk uncovers a conspiracy that would rip apart the fabric of faith in England. He alerts a clandestine team in York who unravel clues before dispersing throughout England to stop the conspiracy, whilst Henry VIII, Queen Catherine Howard and an army of thousands make their way to York.

Fighting against the impending Cataclysm is a team of miscreants that include a young Edward Fawkes, two undercover sisters, Ricard Shakespeare, a delusional and accident-prone adventurer, the Mayor of York, a priest, Thomas Culpeper and, curiously, a mouse that talks.

If you enjoy quirky historical fiction combining humour, mystery, engaging and unpredictable characters as well as historical figures you know well and love and hate then this is for you.


Author Profile - Robert W Jones 


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1541 The Cataclysm (Micklegate Series Book 1)

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