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the glorious diversity of our language

Below is my new book, a homage to:

  • NETFLIX soobtitles

  • Shop signz

  • Menu’s

  • BBC interviews

  • And simply trying to buy a black coffee or even obtaining a decaffeinated tea without someone insisting I say 'decaff.' I would also love to thank someone waiting on and for them to reply with 'you're welcome.' They are forever informing me that they aren't worried 😊.

...just for fun, no offence intended 😊...

(I have purposely omitted a whole array of profanity and adding ‘Jesus Christ’ to every sentence although you can put them in if you wish).

'So like there I is with my bro doing bants who is like Goat but so like used be like frenemies as he was actin like a boomer and a bit cis but so now no worries anyhows his babe whos just awesomeness catfishes so I like aks him bout it and he sez sorry not sorry bro and gotten upset and hangry coz he was sus

It wus Fri-yay so we eaten and I sez we need like break a glas celin man and talk to her but she wus ghosting us

so we like saw her no worries and she like sez I has stopped cuz I wus burglarized im now off of weed and catfishing so like lets do holbobs so no worries we sez

We wuz amazeballs and sez no problemo my bad an so then we wus vibing'

On a more serious note, I recently watched the entire series of Elizabeth R made in 1971, which I hadn’t seen since I was a child. I thought the script and the acting were wonderful and as an exercise; I compared it to the current Mary and George, a story about James Ist of England and his male lover (I'm so sad that I made notes). The contrast in style and the degree of what I would call fillers (words that simply don’t need to be there) was astonishing. The contrast in acting styles was also interesting.

I do of course have to allow for any personal bias, but I found it most unattractive as a piece of writing and somewhat inaccuarate. The point, I’m making, though, is that I am quite astonished that in what seems like a relatively short time to me as a historian (and a very long time for some of our younger members!) why there has been this change and what it represents.

It is not so much that English should not change, because it always has and always will, but rather why it is being deconstructed, particulary in written works and who is responsible for it?

When I write blogs I don't expect members to agree with me and I’m always interested in your views. Thoughts?

Glenda Jackson in Elizabeth R (currently on BBC 4). Possibly one of the best TV performances ever and she will be missed.

Mary & George (Sky Atlantic). Nothing like a good lust...

Please watch: and Miriam Margoyles - both hilarious in this clip.

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