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That feeling when your author copies arrive

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

All authors will have experienced the same buzz you feel when you open your door to find your first author copies have arrived. Its like the greatest of Christmases rolled into one. Whether it has taken a month, a year or even many years you have finally made it! You have finally written a book. Time to pat yourself on the back and be proud. Congratulations you have indeed achieved something that only a small percentage manage to achieve. For so many authors that was all that they set out to achieve. To have the physical copy in your hands. The hours of typing, brainstorming, researching all coming together and this is it, job done. Then you think to yourself.. well I may as well put it on Amazon to see if anyone else would be interested in it. Then you look at the disappointing site of no star ratings, you see a lonely empty graph in your KDP account and think to yourself 'well it would be nice to sell just one book and get a review, hopefully someone will like it'. You check back day after day and then suddenly boom. There it is, 1 book has sold! You have to pinch yourself and start to think well maybe its just someone I've mentioned it to giving me a sympathy purchase, what the heck I'll take it. Then you see it, The amazing site of a star rating. But not just that, a verified purchase star rating as well. And to make it even better a review. A review from a real person. That's it, your hooked!

Its no longer about just wanting to tell as story that your family will be proud of you for, its now about wanting every single person on the planet to read and enjoy your book. That is where the real hard work starts!

If you can relate to this in some way or if this was not how you approached or reacted then please feel free to comment and share your story

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