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ASPA Free Webinars

  • Would you like to meet other ASPA authors online?

  • Are you willing to share expertise and listen to the ideas of others?

  • Have you wondered what other people’s feelings and experiences of reviews are?

  • Have you got a story to share about reviews?

  • Does the mere mention of AI wind you up?

  • Have you used AI and are you willing to share your thoughts about it?

On our other site, Lee and I do many interviews (that’s why it’s called 'Meet The Authors') but even our training, book signing and excerpt readings are done via video.

The benefits of meeting with other writers are massive. It is why ASPA was set up, to help those who may be struggling with the journey, and to share expertise and stories.

Please consider joining our FREE WEBINARS to share your knowledge and experience or learn from other authors.

This Wednesday. We are meeting to discuss REVIEWS!

and on the 29th May we will be talking about AI in BOOK COVERS!

Click on the image below which will take you to the Membership page where you can register for your free place.

We look forward to seeing you.

Rob & Lee

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