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Zaxon Moonraker - A Police Dog’s Tale

Mal Nutbrown
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This story follows the journey of Mal and his four-legged ally, Zaxon Moonraker, in the police force. As Mal writes, forgotten memories from his childhood and teenage years abruptly resurface, turning the tale into an insightful personal narrative, leading up to 1986 when he initially joins forces with Zaxon Moonraker. The story sheds light on the formative encounters and decisions that moulded him – from young stripling, police cadet and policeman, and, finally, to dog handler. It is an alluring, often amusing narrative of Mal's childhood, moving onto his career from a sixteen-year-old cadet to the conclusion of his thirty-three-year service. During their time together, Zac and his handler forged an invincible partnership, establishing themselves as a reliable force in protecting the police and public. Mal had no problem taking centre stage, speaking to schools and organisations about what it meant to be a dog handler, sometimes providing demonstrations of their training. He even became an instructor, sharing his knowledge whilst training other handlers. The stories in this book offer a stirring glimpse into the ups and downs of being a police officer, some familiar, some never before revealed to relatives. Now they too can join in the extraordinary journey that comes with protecting and serving others.

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