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Wrath's Flame

S. Leigh
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We've been best friends since we were kids, but we never acted on how we really felt, until now.

I've been President of Devil's Inferno MC for the last five years. I hid part of myself because I didn't want anyone thinking that I couldn't do the job because of my sexuality. Now I've proven myself, so I'm taking what's always been mine, but nothing is quite that simple is it? We're in for some shocks that's for sure.

I'm an Enforcer and I'm openly gay. I've always understood why Wrath made the decisions he did when he took over as President. Didn't mean it didn't hurt though. All I've ever wanted is him. When he finally makes his move I couldn't be happier, but then the past comes back to bite us in the ass and we've got to fight to survive.

If you have triggers, please ensure you check the trigger warning page at the start of the book.

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