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Ursula's Tribute

Clive Lord
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Following the trial of Ursula’s murderer, Mount’s new owner’s plans are disrupted when asked to sell The Moon using blockchain technology. When the sale is announced, Dynami, a hitherto unknown organisation, announces it has stolen thousands of digital paintings from the world’s leading museums, selling shares in each one and generating billions. Meanwhile, Lady Penelope spots a rare Fabergé box for sale at Mount’s that belonged to the late Queen, moves heaven and earth to buy it at auction, becomes famous and subsequently earns millions.

Anita Wu, former head of the disbanded Art Squad, works with the devious Prime Minister to expand the remit of her department, the UK’s Anti-Terrorism Unit, but is thwarted when the US President insists the Art Squad be reformed to investigate Dynami with some information provided by the CIA. The Art Squad travels around Europe looking for Dynami.

When The Moon sells, disaster unfolds, risking Mount’s future, but the truth is revealed about Dynami, and with the help of Artificial Intelligence and CERN, Ursula receives her tribute, and an important figure falls from grace. Lady Penelope invests her money in a unique venture, surprising everyone around her.

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