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The Timeliness Trilogy: The Complete Story of The Wave Project

Peter Draper
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This collection of three novellas follows the journey of Dr.Peter Castell, a military Physicist who develops a revolutionary technology that has the potential to change tactical and humanitarian protocols forever.

A compelling tale, the first part “Timeliness” covers the origins and progress of a Top Secret Military Project that is researching the possibility of using time and space adjustment in a tactical scenario. It follows the life and work of Castell as he leads his team through months of research and encounters moments of triumph, failure and danger as he, and his team, turn their hypotheses into a viable program.

The Second book follows this narrative as the Project develops and actually undertakes their first tactical mission using their new technology. The book explores the dilemma of paradox and looks at the horrible choices that the team has to face along the way. It explores how good and bad deeds are sometimes interchangeable and how the significance of events can almost never be predicted.

Part three “Revolution and Resolution” sees a major character try and manipulate the project's technology for truly horrendous purposes, and the team's response to the threat of their mission being derailed. How far are they willing to let this man go before something has to be done, and what will be the repercussions?

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