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The Kingdoms of Parvery; The Long Betrothal book 2

Rowena Redman
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Mercy now stands as the leader of The Black Thirteen; unruly men bound by a common and difficult goal. They will not waste their time in Parvery but how are they to discover the Benefactor’s identity? Can they manage to forget their old ways of blood and death? They travel from kingdom to kingdom searching and thieving as they go. But they must remain unnoticed by those who might still pursue them. In this second instalment of The Kingdoms of Parvery, Prince Edmund makes his first royal visit to Pidar and to Princess Theolotta, the heir to the throne. As we learn more about this new and different kingdom will the pair fall in love or is their secret betrothal not destined to thrive? Princess Theolotta notices the changes taking place within the castle over time and wonders what her future role should be. Edmund splits his time between the two kingdoms, Piadar and Hollthen, but as he grows up he begins to feel divided. Frederick and Myrbeth build their growing family happily in Hollthen, but concern has crept into the castle about the king. Trevard is still determined to discover the identity of The Shadow King, but this puzzle might prove too much even for his clever mind. As he becomes more wrapped in this mystery, he loses touch with his own family.

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