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Secrets & Lies

T.A. Rosewood
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Sarah harbours long-buried secrets from her past that threaten to unravel her new life. Ashamed of the mistakes that still haunt her, she has kept the truth locked away, hoping to leave those dark days behind.

But secrets cannot stay hidden forever.

When echoes of the past begin to surface, Sarah struggles to conceal them from Tom, her loving boyfriend who remains unaware. She finds herself spinning an intricate web of lies to keep her secrets at bay, worried that the truth may destroy their picture-perfect relationship.

As the pressure of secrecy mounts, Sarah risks losing everything she holds dear.

Will coming clean about her past allow her a second chance at happiness? Or will the truth ultimately tear her new life apart? To move forward, she must confront yesterday's demons - but it may come at an unbearable cost.

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