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It's Complicated

Megan James
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This book was originally published under the name Georgina Hannan, this has been rebranded.

Starting university and turning 18 are big things in a teenager’s life, but to have that happen at the same time as losing the closest person Rachael’s ever had makes things a whole lot more confusing.

Her mother’s abandonment means she has no choice but to start university and a new life with her Father’s best friend and his two sons.

She’s known them for years so why is it when Jake comes to pick her up she feels like she’s seeing him for the first time?

Then when Rachael’s old friends collide with her new life she has a fight on her hands for love but is it one she’ll win? Is it one she really wants to win?

Can love conquer all or will it turn out to be too complicated in the end?

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