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From an Eagle's Nest

Eden James
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Relics from the past keep resurfacing as Hamilton and Natalia have a race on their hands to find out just what Andrew Sutherland had stashed away all those years ago.

Cameron’s quiet existence as a provincial policeman is turned upside down once again. First by a prisoner’s recant on the eve of his judicial hanging, then by the discovery of a mutilated corpse out on an exposed glen. With one conviction to reinvestigate and another to prosecute, things don’t get any easier when the victim is identified as the daughter of a former Chief Constable.

Meanwhile Sutherland’s misadventures continue after his defection from the Soviet Union. Acting as chauffeur to the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, his information begins to bring attention to a formidable, sleeping dragon. Yet, with a murder hanging over his head and a determined investigator from Moscow, has his luck finally run out?

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