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False Tidings: A Fool's Errand

Stephen J Grant
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New Arrival


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Fake news goes medieval...

William Grey is in a lot of trouble. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Raised by monks, he’s never left his village, and couldn’t tell a long sword from a loofah. He thinks magic is just stuff we don’t understand yet, but he’s in for a rude awakening. In a strange twist, William is knighted and sent on a life-altering quest for a magical crystal in faraway Sardonica, an island close to the land of Italica.

But this quest is no straightforward jaunt. As rival witches flex their mystical muscles, William soon clocks that he’s a pawn in a grander scheme orchestrated by Feydor, a eunuch jester with a flair for manipulation. The question on everyone’s lips: Will he wise up in time to debunk the False Tidings and outwit Feydor? Or will his inaugural quest also be his swan song?

False Tidings is a tale of witches, a jester, a king, a queen, a deadly pet monkey, a matriarchal goblin-like race, a reluctant hero, an evil priesthood, a love affair that ranges over a continent, and a magical crystal. And fake news. Don’t forget the fake news.

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