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Welcome to the Association

of Self-Published Authors

Are you a self-published author looking to thrive in the dynamic world of independent publishing? Look no further. ASPA, the Association of Self-Published Authors, is here to support and guide you on your journey.

What We Offer:

  • Community and Networking: Connect with like-minded authors, share experiences, and build valuable relationships within our vibrant community.

  • Resource Hub: Access a rich repository of resources, including guides, tips, and best practices for every stage of your self-publishing journey.

  • Blogs and Forum: Dive into our insightful blogs and engage in lively discussions on our forum. Get expert advice, share your experiences, and connect with authors facing similar challenges.

  • Webinars with Industry Experts: Attend exclusive workshops and webinars led by industry experts, providing valuable insights and practical skills for self-publishing success.

  • Peer Reviews and Feedback: Receive constructive feedback from fellow authors to help refine your work and bring out its full potential.

  • Marketing and Promotion: Benefit from tailored marketing strategies and promotional opportunities to increase visibility and reach your target audience.

  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special discounts on publishing tools, software, and services that can streamline your self-publishing process.

  • ASPA Library: All members have the opportunity to add their books to the ASPA library free of charge. Generate additional sales and reviews on Goodreads directly from the library. 

By Authors, For Authors

Unlike many other platforms that exclude self-published authors, ASPA is proudly run by self-published authors, for self-published authors. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with self-publishing, and we're committed to providing unwavering support throughout your journey.

Members reviews

What some of our members say....

"ASPA is a true gem for self-published authors. The blogs and forum offer priceless advice, while the webinars provide expert insights. Being part of a platform run by self-published authors who understand my journey is refreshing. ASPA is now my go-to support system!"


Sarah J., Thankful Member

5 stars

"The support I've received from fellow authors via ASPA has been my lifeline as I have strived to become a self-published author. ASPA genuinely cares about our success. I highly recommend it!"

  • James R.

5 stars

Membership is Absolutely Free!

At ASPA, we believe in democratising access to resources for self-published authors. That's why membership to our association is completely free. Join us today and start reaping the benefits of being a part of a thriving, supportive community.

Embark on your self-publishing journey with ASPA by your side. Together, let's turn your writing dreams into reality.

We only have one membership. And that is free

Sign up today to take advantage of our free membership and 46-step become an author guide  

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